Managed Cloud Antivirus

The very popular Microsomma Managed Cloud Antivirus solution is highly recommended and based on the innovative Cloud Office Protection solution from an industry leader, Panda Security.

Microsomma is an authorised partner and is able to offer Panda Security's best corporate grade security solution to both home and business clients at the same discounted price.

Microsomma Price = £45 + FREE Installation + Management

Panda Security's Cloud Office Protection is a complete antivirus, antimalware and antispyware solution and has considerable advantages over the older style solutions that we have all used for many years.

Cloud Office Protection:

  • Say goodbye to traditional heavy background scanning
  • Your Endpoint will free up computer resources (your computer will run faster)
  • Is part of a collective intelligence (your Endpoint is part of the Cloud)
  • Runs silently (will not bug you with messages)
  • Needs no maintenance (tasks are Cloud based)

By purchasing a Cloud Office Protection Endpoint from Microsomma, not only are you considerably upgrading your current solution but you also become a part of a bespoke Microsomma managed network.

Managed in the context of this system means that David utilises the Cloud to remotely monitor the status of your Endpoint to ensure your computer is always protected. If the Endpoint detects a problem that canít be immediately and automatically resolved, then David will see this problem and will contact and alert you of the issue so manual intervention can be implemented if required.

Over the last two year this system has been available, many viruses have been silently removed from client systems and only two instances of manual intervention have been required but having this insurance policy is a valuable asset.

Panda Cloud Office Protection managed by Microsomma is a faster more intelligent way to secure your computer system.

David highly recommends this product and if you buy directly from Microsomma, you will receive free installation and a discounted price.

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of this offer or computer security then please feel free to contact David.

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